Hello again and welcome back to ‘Ground to Sky’, my new blog. Today is the final day of the excellent European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2013 and during my time here, I have become inspired to give blogging another chance. My blogging history has thus far been plagued with the difficulties of choosing a subject and an audience and sticking to task. This time, I am going to specify all this right here, from the outset, in order to make sure that I put together a blog that is relevant, useful and, above all, interesting.

So to start off with – who am I? ‘Ground to Sky’ is not intended to be an anonymous blog.  I certainly don’t want to come across to any future readership as a faceless, anonymous spouter of information with no context for why I am spouting and why I’m qualified to go about spouting what I’m spouting. My name is Dr. Alex Boon and I am a postdoctoral scientist currently working in the field of urban greenhouse gas emissions at the University of Reading, UK.  My relevant educational history began with physical geography and moved through agricultural and rural environmental sciences to specialise in the soil sciences at PhD level. My key specialism is the production and release of greenhouse gases from soils, though I am accumulating knowledge of greenhouse gas release from a range of natural and human-influenced environments.

What is ‘Ground to Sky’? ‘Ground to Sky’ is a place to come to learn about the fascinating interface between the Earth’s surface and the lower atmosphere. Although my specialism is greenhouse gases, be reassured that they are not all I am here to talk about. ‘Ground to Sky’ is an opportunity to share my enthusiasm for the section of the planet that is most important to us; the ground we walk on, the soil we farm and the air we breathe. The ground to sky interface is where we live out our days, so we should be interested in how it functions, how we are affecting it and most importantly how to look after it.

What will I post here? I mean to use ‘Ground to Sky’ to achieve three seperate goals:

  1. Provide a series of non-technical background articles relating to the earth’s surface and the lower atmosphere
  2. Give an insight into what it is like to work as a scientist in the natural sciences
  3. Round up some of the relevant recent scientific news into ‘packages’ relating to topic and share some of the key challenges that face us as we seek to care for our immediate environment.

Finally, be aware that I am on Twitter @AlexBoon_GtS where you can find links to news that caught my eye and further interesting pages amongst those I follow. You can also find out about new ‘Ground to Sky’ articles there if you are not a frequenter of WordPress.