Throughout 2014, I have been developing material to contribute to a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) on climate change impacts, developed by the Walker Institute here at the University of Reading. The course, entitled “Our changing climate: past, present and future” begins on the 10th of November and you can sign up for it here. A video trailer and more written information about the course is also available through the sign-up link.

My material focuses on the impact that cities have on the climate and the impact that climate has on cities. It covers some of the material that I have touched upon on my blog here such as the urban heat island and how to measure greenhouse gases in cities and much more besides. The MOOC features some fun and interactive activities, such as building your own in-browser city and learning about the urban climate of your fictional city. As well as cities, the MOOC also covers the basics of climate science, climate change impacts on food and water systems and an introduction to climate policy. It’s a great way to get an overview of the recent science of climate change without signing up for a full qualification or as a precursor to further study.

How to get involved.